Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Medicine!

Since Monday, we are using the following medicine for two weeks:
  • Terbutaline
  • Ketotifen
  • Iliadin
The first two are in syrup form, and the last one is metered nasal drops.

Terbutaline is a beta2 adrenergic receptor agonist drug from a group known as bronchodilators that stimulate nerves in parts of the body. In this case, the drug will open up the bronchial tubes and muscles of the lungs, thereby providing relief for cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. It can treat cases of asthma, bronchitis and emphysema, among others. Possible side effects include: allergic reaction, chest pains, headache, and insomnia. Terbutaline was approved by the FDA in 1974.


Ketotifen is a type of antiasthma medicine and prophylactic agent which can reduce the frequency, severity and/or duration of asthma symptoms and attacks in children. It is not a bronchodilator and thus is not suitable for acute asthmatic cases. This medicine works best if taken on a regular basis, and improvement may be evident in the first few weeks, reaching significant benefits after ten. Withdrawal of medicine should be done in gradual reduction of doses. Possible side effects include: weight gain, increased appetite, chills, cough, headache and nausea. Ketotifen was approved by the FDA in 1999.


Iliadin's active ingredient is oxymetazoline hydrochloride. As a topical decongestant, its sympathomimetic property constricts the blood vessels of the nose and sinuses via activation of alpha1 adrenergic receptors, causing reduced production of mucous. It can help moisturize nasal passages due to air conditioning, air pollutants, hay fever and colds. Overuse, usually more than three days, may cause rebound congestion or addiction, so observe for such symptoms.


When your child has certain health problems such as respiratory, try to eliminate possible causes of infection and isolate them so that the real cause can be determined. In our case, we are avoiding the babysitter's place with two other pretty sick (heheh) kids and turning off the air sterilizer / ionizer for at least a week. Hopefully, we'll see Gab recover fully and then we'll turn things back on one by one.

Has anyone heard of air ionizers causing negative effects such as respiratory problems? We are suspicious of their benefits even though we frequently clean the room.

To me, some of the most important things a child should have from their parents is nourishment of the body and avoidance of viruses and diseases. Choose your doctor carefully and stick to the doctor's advice. Every child is different, so try not to compare but be prudent in your judgement of your own child's conditions and needs.

Western medicine usually have instructions and advice for use. When doctors prescribe such medicine for our babies and toddlers, some of us go berserk. We see that the labels say "tested and recommended for use for children two years and older", but our children are younger! For some of these medicine, do not be alarmed. Doctors have been prescribing them in their common practice and health pharmacies are not able to test on younger children. Again, use discretion to decide.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Music For Children

Music is very beneficial for all kinds of people, especially babies and little kids. Children can learn to enjoy the magic of music wherever they are: playing at home, travelling in the car, or just before they sleep on the bed. It is a good alternative to watching the TV and raises the spirits of children.

My son has started to appreciate the joys of music and is learning to sing, hum, and dance to it. He can clap his hands, tap his feet, swing or jerk his body whenever he hears his favourite tunes. Gabriel's favourite songs are: "Simplicity Is The Key" from "Lovely Family CD Vol. 1" and "If You're Happy and You Know It".

We have a CD-RW full of his music, with genres such as Christian, nursery rhymes and instrumental. I have collected them from various sources such as audio CD presents from friends, Mothercare and Anakku stores, and now from the web!

There are a few good websites where you can download MP3 songs for kids, which I've listed below. The first one has a very clear and melodious couple singing and playing the guitar.

Anakku in Malaysia carries a good range of Raimond Lap CDs, which are very attractive to babies and toddlers as a start. The tunes and instruments are catchy but soothing. Very good for night-time listening.

Don't forget, another good idea of music for your children is: sing to them! Sing to your kids whenever possible, and record them as keepsakes and years of listening. When they get older, they can even sing and record together with you.

Give the gift of music to your children today.

Kids Music Web
Free Kids Music
Chuck Brown & The Chuckleberries
Walking Oliver
LDS Church Music
Download.com Children's Music

Raimond Lap

BabyCenter "Music and your toddler or preschooler (ages 1 to 3)"

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