Friday, March 17, 2006


I am writing this for a second time. Not sure what happened but the first post just disappear before I can save it......argh.

Sit On His Own
Gab is able to sit on his own. We are so excited about this. We noticed it a few days ago while he was crawling which he is getting better now…in terms of speed. He will stop on his track, push his hands against the floor and straighten his legs to lift his tummy off the floor. Once on his fours, he will bend his knees and plump his buttocks on the floor and wah lah……he sits up on his own. We are so proud of him.

Self-Soothe Sleeper
Another major milestone for us is that he can self-soothe himself to sleep. That is so amazing to us and we cannot praise God more for making this possible. Gab used to nurse to sleep ever since he was born. And this despite a lot of people and articles have advised strongly against. And we did try the “let-him-cry-it-out” method which really breaks my heart. He looks traumatized and neither of us felt much better. We did that once and I would never do it again. Not even for 5 minutes.

I am so proud to announce that Gab has been self-soothing himself to sleep without any pacifier, rocking, singing, patting and nursing for the past 2 weeks. All he needs is either mummy or daddy to be in the same bed and he will roll around quite a bit, babbles and then he will just fall asleep. One day he will be sleeping on top of me after insisting that I lift him up and place him there, another day he will be sleeping on my arm and once he sleep besides me while holding my fingers. ‘Aww……..’ I just cannot describe that feeling. Priceless.

He still nurse in the morning at 6 plus. But that’s ok, since I need to wake up at 6:30 anyway. I am making it to his ninth month this coming Saturday. Thomas thinks that I should wean since he is such a big boy now, but I guess I will miss nursing him. Especially now when he will nurse and cross and sway his little legs. I think that it is so CUTE. I guess when the time comes I will wean off completely with no problem at all…no engorgement, no upset baby…..another reason to Praise God.

Yesterday night we did something different on our flashcards session. Instead of holding 2 cards and asking Gab “Where is _____?” I laid all 5 cards on the floor and asked him that question. To my surprise he actually crawled and selected the correct card even though it is not the first card that he reaches. Mummy is so proud of you, baby.

Mummy Dearest
Gab also knows how to call me!!!!!!! When I reached Ah Soh’s (babysitter) place, he saw me and started calling “Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma”. Another priceless event…..Hehehehe.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Very First Post

I procrastinated a lot on whether should I start a journal for Gab. Mainly is because it has been so long since I ever written anything longer than 1 page besides reports for work and secondly I am afraid I may not be able to keep updated with his progress to post it here. Children grow up so fast, only now I truly understand the meaning of this saying. On one hand, I breathed a sigh of relief that he no longer needs me to carry him endlessly or cry imaginably yet I do miss the time when he was just a tiny little baby sleeping so soundly next to us (though not for long)

Another reason why I wanted to start this blog is mainly to document the amazing development. I believe there are a lot of babies who may be better than him but being a mother I am naturally biased (hehehe). I was not someone who spends a lot of time with children not even my nieces because I do not have the patience when it comes to children. But all that change when I have Gabriel. God uses him to humble me and for me to realized that only the Lord is in control no matter how many books on good parenting or antenatal classes I attended could not instill knowledge in me like He does. And I couldn't praise Him more for His continued guidance and wisdom in helping take care of my son.

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