Friday, December 29, 2006

Sunway Lagoon Trip

Here are some photos from our recent Sunway Lagoon trip..............

Mummy and Gab

Posing like a model ;p

Daddy busy on the phone

Gab is ready to take on the waves!!!

Touching the sandy beach for the second time......

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Words.....Glorious Words!

Just to recap Gab's vocabulary so far (I may have missed some here and there because there are just so many new things that he is learning and doing at the same time)

Some words that he likes to say:
- Mummy
- Daddy
- Kakak (Ah Rin) - our maid's name which is accurately known as Karin
- Popo
- Kong Kong
- Ma Ma
- Yeh Yeh
- Mum Mum
- Sam Yee
- Tai Yee
- Renee
- Tasha
- ball
- dog
- Amen
- Baby Boy (this is what he likes to refer to himself; a nick I have been using on him since he was a baby)
- happy
- umbrella (once he wanted to go out for a walk but it was raining, after telling him that it was raining, he reminded me to use um-bre-lla ;p)
- newspaper
- giraffe
- elephant (el-phant)
- shoes
- socks
- car (this is one of his favourite word)
- truck
- milk (this is one of his favourite word)
- susu (this is one of his favourite word)
- duduk
- beat
- sayang
- airplane (this is one of his favourite word)
- moon
- helicopter (copter to him)
- Bob (as in Bob the builder)
- Dizzy (as in Bob the builder)
- star
- clap
- bread
- apple (this is one of his favourite word)
- coconut
- peach
- corn
- Elmo
- Bunny
- Bear
- sleep
- guava
- Tweety
- wait
- out or Kai Kai
- Roomba
- hair
- bus
- Poo poo
- papaya
- share
- no (or oh no!!! - super drama)
- brinjal
- bathe
- close

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Bukit Tinggi - One Year Later

Sleeping like he did on the way there!
And nothing has changed as well here....

Looking so handsome, my little boy.

"Ok, Ok I will strike a pose for you, mummy"

"Oh.....I must get this to open"
"This is what I call paradise....BALLS!!!"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pureen Prince

We have just collected Gab's prize hamper from Pureen after a long 6 months.
Here are some of his photo with the hamper.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gabriel Placed Second in Baby Photo Competition!

The media has also affirmed the photogenic qualities of our Gabriel boy! The June 2006 issue of Parenthood Malaysia magazine ran a "Stars of Pureen" photo competition and Gabriel won second place.

We are so proud of you, son. Daddy's going to pick up the RM200 hamper soon. Keep smiling and be happy!

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