Friday, June 19, 2009

Bicycle As The Fourth Birthday Present

For his fourth birthday, we thought of giving Gabriel a powerful and fast bicycle. If you find it difficult to find a kid's bicycle that is long-lasting and has quality build, here are some tips to help you.
  1. Avoid hypermarkets where they stock only bicycles with plastic molded wheels which break easily.
  2. Specialty toy stores (e.g. the blue one with a giraffe...) usually stock very limited choices and are overpriced.
  3. Look for bicycles with inflated rubber tyres and metal-spoked wheels because these provide a more durable and comfortable ride.
  4. Brakes are vital to your child's safety. Do not compromise on this and go for models with both front and rear rubber brakes. Check that the brake pads are not rubbing the wheel rims by giving the wheels a spin.
  5. Best choice of bicycles can be found in proper bicycle shops because they have the range of choices and suitable experience to guide you.
After a few hours of cruising industrial zones and whining kids in the car, I found an old-school bicycle dealer shop manned by an elderly man. The shop does more repairs than selling new bicycles, but I still found a splendid model, factory fitted with rear cargo box, front basket and mud guards. The down-to-earth man even slapped on a charming ringer designed to gain instant attention.

It was RM160 well spent, more value for money than other places where you may have to pay at least RM250 for the same features.

If you are in the Jalan Klang Lama area, check out this guy's shop:

57-79, Jalan Hujan Abu 8, Taman Overseas Union, Kuala Lumpur

When Gabriel saw his bike for the first time, his eyes grew so wide you could fit his Bagukan ball inside. Then again, I'm sure the Ben 10 Alien Force cake from Secret Recipe and Ben 10 themed party packs helped a lot as well. :)

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