Monday, July 03, 2006

From Baby to Toddler

My Baby is Finally 1

It has really been quite a while since my last post. Let me go about my usual excuses like being very busy at work and tired at home.....hahaha but guess it is not a good excuse since Gab makes his significant transition from a baby to toddler without any updates on his blog. Sorry baby!

2 weeks have passed since Gab 1st birthday (18 June) and to tell you the truth I am still collecting the photos from Thomas and my friend, Jenn.

Yup, a big thank you for Jenn, Roger and Tammy who make time all the way from Singapore to celebrate this joyous event with us. Without whom we will only be left with memories of the party without any digital evidence (we were too busy running around to take photos or videos). We really appreciate their help and company. Love you guys!

So actually I do not have all the photos yet but will load those few that are noteworthy and the remaining you can catch it from our photos link.

Gabriel's 1st Birthday Party (June 17)
10am - Send Gab to babysitter
12pm - Have lunch with Jenn and Roger
2pm - Vacumn (thanks to Roomba), mop, decorate house with balloons and banners
4pm - Collect cake and pick Gab up
6pm - Left babysitter place without Gab as he was still sleeping. Caterers arrived to set up tables and food
7pm - Arrival of first guest (babysitter family, my elder sister and brother-in-law, Renee and *star of the day* - Gab)
8pm - Arrival of more guest, makan and drinking time begin. (We got food to occupy the hungry ones, toys and cartoon to entertain the young ones and booze to intoxicate the older ones)
9pm - Cake cutting and Gab got a taste of real 'food' ;p (a sign of toddlerhood)
10pm - Bedtime for Gab
11pm - Clean up
12am - Bedtime for mummy and daddy

Inclusive children more than 60 people attended the party (think this is the last time I am going to organize this type of party...hahahaha)

Roger, Jenn, Gab and Me

Three's a Family

The kids having fun with Gab's toys

Food Galore

TWO cakes....double happiness (courtesy from my father-in-law)

Cakes and presents display (of course the other half of important presents is in my pocket;p)

Cake cutting and photo session with the kids

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