Monday, July 03, 2006

Milestones Update Again

Just a quick update
on Gab's milestones
(I have been getting
lazier, these milestones
are accumulated over
the weeks that I did
not update the blog...
some I can't remember
the dates):

1) Walking - took his first
few steps on 23 June
(wonder if he did not get
the viral fevel, could he be
walking on his birthday,
guess we will never know)

2) Shake head to indicate 'No'

3) Able to sort out shapes using shape sorter

4) Raises both his hands and throw his head
back when we say 'Praise God'

5) First words: Ma ma, Ah (for Thomas), dog, lion, no, kay

6) Favourite food now: spaghetti, rice, tauhu

7) Going really fast on his tricycle

8) Squat

9) Clap hands (this started way back....think more than
1 month ago)

10) Wet kisses for Mummy and sometimes Daddy

11) Hugs for almost everyone

12) Point here and there (can identify some common
things by pointing when we ask him)

13) Fuss to go out every weekend - whenever he
sees mummy and daddy at home, it means he can
go out 'kai kai'

14) Love picture cards - will actually crawl towards
you, sit down and clap his hands when you are about
to flash these cards

15) Can understand simple words - stand, sit, wait,
carry, come here, bathe, sleep, change clothes,
brush teeth, drink, eat, pain, beat, no, knock, hold
(will update when I remember more)

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